OBIEE 11G - biserverxmlexec (Rpd creation and patching in offline mode)

Bi Server Architecture With Client


biserverxmlexec lets you create or modify a repository file by executing:

XML file in OBIEE 10G/11G - Repository (RPD file).

In online mode, see OBIEE - biserverxmlcli (online Modifications).

For the update process, see RPD XML patching

Objects must be defined in their entirety because they are replaced in their entirety. If you forgot an attribute, the default value will be given, not the one in used.

Any objects that exist in both the RPD and the XML file are overwritten by the corresponding object definitions in the XML file. Note that the same object cannot be defined twice in the XML file.

A qualified name (qualifiedName) or upgrade id (uid) must be specified for each object. When the utility resolves and identifies objects, uids have the highest priority, followed by qualifiedNames. See also: OBIEE 10G/11G - Equalizing Objects


      [-P <pwd>] 
      {-I <script> | -D <MdsDocDir>} 
      [-S <pwd>] 
      [-B <baseRpd>] 
      -O <outputRpd> 


  • -P : Password for repository
  • -I : Input script file name
  • -S : Input script file password
  • -B : Base repository name
  • -O : Output repository name
  • -D : MDS document directory in case of multiple MDS XUDML documents
  • -M : say that the XML format is an MDS XUDML document and not a xudml
  • -E : Exit without creating the RPD if an expression parsing error occurs
  • -C : Skip script password checking
  • -N : Ignore all non-fatal XUDML errors
  • -H : Display this usage information and exit
  • -? : Display this usage information and exit

B option: Base repository name (to import objects)

Ie same as OBIEE - Objects Import from another repository ?

You can use the XML API to append objects from one repository to another repository, using the -B option to specify a base repository path name.

This approach works when you have two completely separate repositories with no shared objects between the two, including no shared variables or application roles. Using this method, you are essentially adding one repository to another.




Create a new repository rp1 based on input XML file.

biserverxmlexec -P passwd -I xudml.xml -O rp1.rpd


See OBIEE - BI Server Patch (automatic update with a patch file)

Following is the Patching syntax of the biserverxmlexec command:

biserverxmlexec -P repository_password –I xudml_patch_pathname –B base_repository_pathname –O output_repository_pathname

Example of parameter values from the sampleApp installation:

  • -P Admin123
  • -I SampleApp_Patch.xml
  • -B SampleApp.rpd
  • -O SampleApp.rpd


OBIEE 11g - MDS XML (Metadata Service XML)

Create a new repository rp1 based on input XML file.

biserverxmlexec -P passwd -I mds_xudml.xml -O rp1.rpd -M

Create a new repository rp1 based on input MDS document directory

biserverxmlexec -P passwd -D C:\MDS_dir -O rp1.rpd

Documentation / Reference

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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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