OBIEE 11g - MDS XML (Metadata Service XML)

1 - About

MDS XUDML is an XML format that is compatible with Oracle Metadata Services and that is supported for the Oracle BI repository.

MDS XML format is different from the XUDML format.

3 - Format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<DECLARE xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
<Database mdsid="m4d5351d0-0c90-1000-8ca6-0a5088c60000" name="DatabaseName" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" type="Oracle11g" dbName="Oracle 11g">
<Feature name="LEFT_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="RIGHT_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="FULL_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="NESTED_OUTER_JOIN_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="UNION_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="UNION_ALL_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>
<Feature name="COUNT_SUPPORTED" value="true"/>

4 - Management

4.1 - Create

4.2 - Schema

Schema element files:

File Description
xudml_mds_admin.xsd and xudml_mds.xsd basic MDS XML grammar for the repository elements
xudml_mds_core.xsd the detailed MDS XML grammar for the repository elements and attributes and the relationships between the elements

in ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/server/bin

5 - Documentation / Reference

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