OBIEE - nqudmlexec


nqudmlexec is a executable that permit you to generate a repository from an udml file.


nQUDMLExec  [-U [userid]] [-P [password]] -I input_script_pathname [-B base_repository_pathname] 
-O output_repository_pathname [-8]
                     -8 is for UTF-8
  Eg 1: nQUDMLExec -I testudml.txt -O rp1.rpd
             create a new repository rp1
  Eg 2: nQUDMLExec -U administrator -I testudml.txt -B rp1.rpd -O rp2.rpd
             modify rp1 and write to rp2
  -h                 Display this usage information and exit.


C:\OracleBI\server\Bin>nQUDMLExec -I C:\OracleBI\server\Repository\sh.udml 
-O C:\OracleBI\server\Repository\sh.rpd


Complete success!!!

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