OBIEE 10G/11G - BI Server Utilities

Bi Server Architecture With Client

OBIEE 10G/11G - BI Server Utilities


OBIEE have several executables files which permit you to automate some actions.

In 11g, before running any of the Oracle BI Server command-line utilities, you must first run bi-init.cmd (or on UNIX)

To interact with the repository, the Oracle BI Server has two system management API:

that use utilities.


Utility 11G Description Note
nqcmd.exe nQcmd.exe - -
OBIEE - Connection Pool Change (Username, password) 10G/11G Utility to change the passwords -
nqsecudmlgen.exe nQSecUDMLGen.exe - -
nqsshutdown.exe nQSShutDown.exe Utility to shut down the Oracle BI Server -
nqudmlcli.exe nQUDMLCli.exe - -
nqudmlexec.exe nQUDMLExec.exe udml Executor This command line tool can modify the RPD file by combining the fragment you define in the UDML file with the input repository and generate a output repository.
nqudmlgen.exe nQUDMLGen.exe udml Generator can generate the entire repository in a text format
SchConfig.exe SchConfig.exe - You may use the schconfig utility to configure Oracle BI Scheduler.
schshutdown.exe SchShutdown.exe - -
- SASchInvoke.exe launch an Oracle BI Scheduler job from the command line
admintool.exe admintool.exe - -
nqlogviewer - - -
patchrpd 11G Used to generate and apply an XML patch file. This utility is especially useful for patching repository files on Linux or UNIX systems
prunerpd 11G Used to delete unwanted repository objects from your repository file, such as databases, tables, columns, initialization blocks, and variables.
sametaexport 11G Used to exchange metadata (dimension, hierachy) with the Oracle Database and DB2
extractprojects 11G Used to extract projects from a given repository.
equalizerpds 10G/11G Used to equalize objects
nqgenoldverrpd 11G Repository Downgrade utility
XML utilities (11G) Used to leverage the Oracle BI Server XML API
biserverxmlgen 11g generates XML from an existing RPD
biserverxmlexec 11g executes the XML in offline mode to create or modify a repository file
biserverxmlcli 11g executes the XML against the Oracle BI Server
obieerpdpwdchg 11G Change password of connection pool

Where are they located ?

OS Directory 10G Directory 11G
Windows OracleBI_HOME\server\Bin ORACLE_HOME\bifoundation\server\bin


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