OBIEE - How to find the value, the data type of a Server variable ?

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When you touch variables, you always need to know their values and even more their data type. The session manager is the tool to give you this kind of information.

How to get them ??

With the administration Tool

In the Administration Tool, open the repository in online mode, Menu / Manage / Sessions. You will see then the values of the variable in the bottom of the windows in the tab named variable :

You could not find the value of a session variable modified by the initialization of a request variable because they don't have the same scope. The request variable is available only for a dashboard/answer while the session variable is valid for the whole user session.

Obiee Session Manager Variables

With the NQSGetSessionValues procedure

Programmatically, by using the NQSGetSessionValues procedure, you can get their values.

Obiee Nqsgetsessionvalues


The session variable, , has no value definition. (HY000)

The value in the session manager is likely NULL ?

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