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System session variables are session variables that the Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Services use for specific purposes.

System session variables have reserved names, that cannot be used for other kinds of variables (such as static or dynamic repository variables and non-system session variables).

System session variables obtain their values from initialization blocks.

Every active BI Server session generates session variables and initializes them. Each session variable instance can be initialized to a different value.

11G 10G
Obiee11g System Session Variable Obiee System Variable



PROXY and PROXYLEVEL are used to authenticate proxy users in the act as functionality.


time zone setting


Used for Oracle BI Presentation Services. It contains the name that will be displayed to the user in the greeting in the Oracle BI Presentation Services user interface. It is also saved as the author field for catalog objects. For internal Oracle BI repository users (nondatabase users), this variable is populated with the user's full name.

Obiee System Variable


Contains the user’s default email address for use with Answers. If the delivery option of Answers is enabled, an email device using this address will be created for the user upon first log in. Users can override this address by changing their account settings in Oracle BI Presentation Services.


Contains the groups to which the user belongs. These are used by both the Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Services. When a user belongs to multiple groups, separate the group names with semicolons. Do not delimit text (for example, do not surround the text with single or double quotes). Use a Varchar column in a database table to contain the group memberships. For example, if a user belonged to groups called Sales US, Sales UK, QA and Dev, and Doc, the text entered into a Varchar data type column in a database table would be: Sales US;Sales UK;QA and Dev;Doc. Note: The Oracle BI Presentation Services Administrator needs to make sure that the names of Presentation Services groups are different from any user IDs that will be used to log on to Oracle BI Presentation Services. If a user and a Presentation Services group share the same name, the user will receive an Invalid Account message when attempting to log on to Oracle BI Presentation Services.


These two variables are set and tracked by Oracle BI Presentation Services to manage the synchronization of Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics. For more information, refer to Oracle Business Intelligence Disconnected Analytics Administration and Configuration Guide.


The value of LOGLEVEL (a number between 0 and 5) determines the Logging level that the Oracle BI Server will use for user queries. This system session variable overrides a variable defined in the Users object. If the Administrators Users object has a Logging level defined as 4 and the session variable LOGLEVEL defined in the repository has a value of 0 (zero), the value of 0 applies.


Used for Oracle BI Presentation Services. It identifies the default dashboard the user sees when logging in (the user can override this preference after logged on here : Settings → My Account → Preferences → “Default Dashboard”). See How To Configure A Default OBIEE Dashboard Or A Welcome Page For All Users Using PORTALPATH Variable


Used for Oracle BI Presentation Services. Any users with the same nonblank request key will share the same Presentation Server cache entries. This tells Oracle BI Presentation Services that these users have identical content filters and security in the Oracle BI Server. Sharing Presentation Server cache entries is a way to minimize unnecessary communication with the Oracle BI Server.


Determines certain elements of the look and feel of the Oracle BI Presentation Services user interface. The user can alter some elements of the user interface by picking a style when logged on to Oracle BI Presentation Services. The SKIN variable points to an Oracle BI Presentation Services folder that contains the nonalterable elements (for example, graphics such as GIF files). Such directories begin with sk_. For example, if a folder were called sk_companyx, the SKIN variable would be set to companyx.

Style and skin names cannot include underscores.


OBI Server - User


OBIEE - Password


Specifies additional groups specific to Oracle BI Presentation Services, if any. The use of Presentation Services groups provides a mechanism for more granular content control.


The WEBLANGUAGE variable contains the language of the user. More: OBIEE 10G/11G - WEBLANGUAGE system session variable.


OBIEE two-letter (shown in the LOCALE parameter entry of NQSConfig.INI File)


If this value has the value 1 for a request, then the BI server doesn't try to find a query cache. More … OBIS - Purging / Disabling the Query Cache


If this variable has the value 1, the result will not be seeded in the query cache.


This variable store the preferred currency value of the user.


This system session variable permit to indicate the subject area where the priority group of the logical table source can be reversed. It permit with the help of the variable reverse_lts_priority to dynamically select a source at run time.


This system session variable indicate all subject area where the priority group of the logical table source is permantely reversed.


This system session variable is much more use as request variable to reverse the value of the priority group of the logical table source.




Determines if the initialization blocks required for authentication are executed. This variable has a value of Yes. The value is case-insensitive.


contains the application roles to which the user belongs.



If a semicolon must be included as part of a role name, precede the semicolon with a backslash character (\).


Contains the global unique identifiers (GUIDs) for the application roles to which the user belongs. GUIDs for application roles are the same as the application role names.




Contains the permissions (application policies) held by the user, such as




Contains the global unique identifier (GUID) of the user.



Contains the global unique identifier (GUID) of the group.










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