OBIEE - Defining a Non-Aggregated Measure (Baseline column) of a Fact Table

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If requirements exist to use fields without aggregation on a fact table, the fields should be defined in a dimension logical table using the following guidelines:

  1. Determine if there is a dimension logical table on which these fields can be added.
  2. If there is an existing dimension, add a new table source that maps to the fact table and then map the fields.
  3. If there is no adequate logical table, complete the following steps:
    1. Create a new logical table.
    2. Create a table source that maps to the fact table.
    3. Create a dimension hierarchy for this new logical table.
    4. In the business model diagram, create a complex join between the dimension logical table and the fact logical table. Also create a complex join to any other fact logical table mapped to the same physical table.

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