OBIEE - Implicit Fact Column


You can find this functionality in the general property of a subject area in the repository.

The goal of this definition is to guide the BI Server to make the best choice between two possibles query path:

  • for a logical fact table: Multiple fact path
  • for a logical dimension: Multiple dimension path

To guide OBIEE in the best choice, you need to select a fact attribute (measure) as an implicit fact column.

The implicit fact column is used for queries that only select dimension attributes (no facts) from two or more dimensions.

Multiple path

Multiple fact path

(ie as BI Server uses the star schema data model between two fact tables) Multiple fact path occurs when you choose two attributes of dimensions that links together to two fact tables.

For instance, this case can occurs when:

  • you create a dashboard prompt when the values of a column constraints an other.
  • you want to make analysis between dimension (and then without measures)
  • you want to see the constraint result of a filter

Multiple dimension path

Multiple dimension path occurs for a report with only one dimension attribute and multiple possible logical table source.

Documentation / Reference

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