OBIEE - How to define a One to Many Relationship

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How to model a One to Many Relationship in OBIEE ?


You must in the logical business model from OBIEE designed a Star and/or a snowflake schemas. OBIEE is designed in this way.

To create a one-to-many relationships in the Business Model layer :

  • Select the tables that you want to link
  • Right click / Business Model Diagram / Selected table only. The logical table diagram windows appear.
  • Clik on the new complex join icon

Obiee New Complex Join

  • select the dimension table and then the fact table. (In case of link between two dimensions in a snowflake schema, you can select the dimensional table of the highest level then the dimensional table with the lowest level)
  • The logical join appear and you can set :

Obiee Logical Join Properties

Obiee Many To One

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