OBIEE - Oracle BI Server Execution Engine

Parallel SQL Execution Engine

The Oracle BI Server execution engine is a parallel SQL execution engine extended with analytical execution operators.

It leverages the sophisticated technology and architectural concepts developed over the past 20 years in the database research community. Some of its key features:

  • Function Shipping:

The Oracle BI Server ships directives for native SQL query strings; directives to execute one or more aggregation passes; and directives for various types of filters to the source database.

  • Parallel Query Execution:

The Oracle BI Server allows multiple queries to be submitted and executed in parallel, perhaps on different machines. Any cancellations would also be done in parallel.

  • Sort Optimizations:

If sorts required for the FULL OUTER JOIN cannot be pushed to the databases, the Oracle BI Server has facilities to allow sorts to be done in parallel. It ensures that no rows are lost between the two queries.

  • Merge:

The Oracle BI Server has sophisticated join facilities to merge two or more result sets from several parallel queries.

  • Ranking and Filtering:

The Oracle BI Server can rank and filter rows efficiently.

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