OBIEE - Filter


A filter in OBIEE can be either points to:



How to return data when the presentation variable is Null

Example with a presentation_variable

Table.Column LIKE '@{MyPresentationVariable}{%}' 

You must use in the filter, the button Advanced/Convert this filter to SQL

How to protect a filter ?

When navigating or using a dashboard prompt, OBIEE applies to the conditional value of the predicate

  • with the value of the dashboard prompt
  • of with the value of the link


The filter below

Table.Column = 5 

will be replace if you ask for the value 7 with the dashboard prompt by : The filter below

Table.Column = 7 

To avoid this situation, you can protect your filter :


Assertion failure: filterexprsqlvisitor.cpp

Assertion failure: !(ie == rExpr.childElements_end()) at line 1734 of /net/stasunnas09/export/ifarm_test

This error may caused when you suppress a filter from a report. To resolve this issue:

  • get the Analysis XML, indent it and apply it again
  • of you can try to suppress the <saw:filter></saw:filter> node from the Analysis Xml

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