OBIEE - Filter

Bi Server Architecture With Client

get the Analysis XML, indent it and apply it again of you can try to suppress the </saw:filter> node from the Analysis Xml

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Saw Object
OBIEE - BI Presentation Service (SAW/OBIPS)

AnswersInteractive DashboardsDelivers The Oracle BI Presentation Service Server: is a pure Web Environment visualize data from the Oracle BI Server through the creation of Interactive Dashboards...
Column Formula
OBIEE - Criteria Tab

The criteria tab of an answer is a GUI that help you to create the logical SQL. In a column formula, you can add: comment a presentation column a presentation variable a bi server variable...
Obiee Filter On Date
OBIEE - Date Format in presentation variable, dashboard prompt and logical SQL

This article talk the manipulation of a presentation variable with a date datatype. Starting with OBIEE and higher versions, Dashboard Prompt input formats and presentation variable values...
Obiee Filter Advanced Convert To Sql
OBIEE - Filter on current time

How to filter based on the current time in an answer. You have two objects that store the current time: @{system.currentTime} : it's a presentation variables system where you can find the current...
Obiee Permission Automatic Filter
OBIEE - How to define the BI server security to add automatically a filter when a column is added to an answer (row security level)

“How do we make BI EE to generate different filters for every column(within a dimension) chosen from Answers?” The idea is when you add the column Channel desc from the SH sample schema to an answer...
Obiee Evaluate Regexp Formula Column
OBIEE - Regular Expression (Regexp) and how to filter on string pattern ?

Regular expression are really powerfull feature to find pattern through a filter in a string. OBIEE doesn't have a function oustide of the box but permit you to use the regular expression of your database...
Obiee Report Based Total Table
OBIEE - Report-based Total

If the Report-Based Total option is not selected, then the Oracle BI Server will calculate the total based on the entire result set, before applying any filters to the measure columns. 1469404.1OBIEE...
Obiee Topn Global Scope

The TopN function in OBIEE permit to perform a TopN analysis. The TOPN function operates on the values returned in the result set. When you add it as a formula column in an answer, the data are automatically...
Saw Object
OBIEE 10G/11G - Conditional Filtering based on Presentation Service Variable

How to apply a filter based on a condition ? The value of stock is a good example. You can't sum it because it's point in time fact. The stock at the end of the week is not the sum of all stock by...
Obiee Filters
OBIEE 10G/11G - Passing Filters through the Go and Dashboard URL

The Go URL and the Dashboard Url can also be used to pass filter. This is done by adding additional parameters to the call. a specific filters or the “Is Prompted” filter Example : “”“”...

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