OBIEE - nqcmd.exe ODBC Client Tool


nqcmd is an ODBC client tools for BI Server that is named:

  • nqcmd (under UNIX)
  • nQCmd.exe (under Windows)

You can use nqcmd to run queries against other ODBC data sources than the Oracle BI Server.

How to run NqCmd ?

You can run nQCmd.exe from:

You run it:

  • in interactive mode (without passing a SQL input file). (pattern: % to see all character and underscore (_) to replace a single character).
  • or in script mode (passing a SQL input file)

Oracle recommend to use Job Manager to run nQCmd.exe.


A version can be found in the following Oracle BI installation folder: [installdrivepath]:\OracleBI\server\Bin.


From the command line (in 11g), you must first set up the environment variable by running first the script bi-init.

  • Client installations: ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/server/bin
  • Server installations: ORACLE_INSTANCE/bifoundation/OracleBIApplication/coreapplication/setup


         nqcmd [OPTION]...
         -d<data source name>
         -u<user name>
         -s<sql input file name>
         -o<output result file name>
         -D<Delimiter> - The delimiter used in the SQL input file (for example, semicolon (;) or colon (:)). This option is only used with -s.
         -b<super batch file name>
         -w<# wait seconds>
         -c<# cancel interval seconds>
         -C<# number of fetched rows by column-wise binding>
         -n<# number of loops>
         -r<# number of requests per shared session>
         -R<# number of fetched rows by row-wise binding>
         -t<# number of threads>
         -T (a flag to turn on time statistics)
         -a (a flag to enable async processing) - This option is typically used with -s, when you are passing a SQL input file with multiple SQL statements.
         -f (a flag to enable to flush output file for each write)
         -H (a flag to enable to open/close a request handle for each query)
         -z (a flag to enable UTF8 instead of ACP) - in the output result file in order to display international characters in query results.
         -utf16 (a flag to enable UTF16 instead of ACP)
         -q (a flag to turn off row output)
         -NoFetch (a flag to disable data fetch with query execution)
         -SmartDiff (a flag to enable SmartDiff tags in output)
         -NotForwardCursor (a flag to disable forwardonly cursor) - Disables the ODBC forward only cursor. Including this argument overrides the setting specified in the ODBC DSN.
         -P<the percent of statements to disable cache hit>
         -impersonate <the impersonate username>
         -runas <the runas username>
         -v (a flag to display the version) - 11g only
         -SessionVar <SessionVarName>=<SessionVarVAlue> - Includes the specified session variable and sets it to the specified value.


See also: nqcmd advanced by setting the following environment variable:



Architecture mismatch

Connection open failed:
[0][State: IM014] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch 
between the Driver and Application

Verify that you are using the good nqcmd installation and not for instance the 32 bit cmd provides with a 10g installation.

Documentation / Reference

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