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Obi Edition
OBIEE - Client Tools

Oracle Business Intelligence provides the following client tools, which are supported only on 32-bit Windows operating systems: Oracle Business Intelligence ODBC Driver Oracle Business Intelligence...
Jobid Ibot Obiee
OBIEE - The server responded with: Inconsistent job ids

This is a troubleshooting article over the error: “The server responded with: Inconsistent job ids” The Job Id are not consistent between: The Ibot in OBIEE And the Scheduler table in the...
Bi Server Architecture With Client
OBIEE - nqcmd.exe ODBC Client Tool

nqcmd is an ODBC client tools for BI Server that is named: nqcmd (under UNIX) nQCmd.exe (under Windows) You can use nqcmd to run queries against other ODBC data sources than the Oracle BI Server....
Obiee Mail Scheduler Sender
OBIEE 11G - Agent Diagnostic (log)

How to diagnostic a failed agent in 11G. You can get the job id from the Job Manager or from the bi_platform schema. From the bi_platform schema. The agent error and debug log files are written...

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