OBIEE - Mobile Application, Mobile Device


Mobile support in the OBI suite.

Mobile Application

11g: Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Mobile

10g: Oracle Business Indicators for Iphone

Oracle Business Indicators is an application for Apple iPhone (works on iPod touch), which can be downloaded from iTunes. The condition is to have Apple iPhone 2.0 Software and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and above.

The product will use the OBI EE SOAP API to connect to the OBI EE Presentation Service. It will allow the Mobile User to run Answers reports and kick off iBots from the iPhone as well as to visit the Alerts Page.


The content of an iBot can be delivered to a variety of Devices and Formats including Plain Text, HTML or Email to a Mobile Phone, Pager, or PDA. In terms of attachments, HTML, PDF, Excel and CSV are supported.

In terms of support for Tables / Charts, the HTML format would show Tables and HTML supports the standard GIF and PNG formats. There are also options for attaching the report as PDF or Excel to an email so these could be viewed in the Mobile Device.

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