OBIEE 10G - How to set a request/session variable using the Saw Url (Go/Dashboard)


The go url permit you to pass a sql and a filter but what about if you need to pass a request variable in order to set a session variable.

You cannot set the value of any System Security Session variable (specifically USER, PROXY, GROUP and WEBGROUPS) using any source method (e.g.: url, cookie, httpHeader)


Modification of the instanceconfig.xml

In the instanceconfig.xml file anywhere between the <ServerInstance></ServerInstance> tags:

<UserIdPassword enabled="true">
<Param name="NQ_SESSION.TEST_VAR" source="url" nameInSource="SETVAR"/>

where :

  • NQ_SESSION.TEST_VAR is the session variable name (be careful case sensitive)
  • SETVAR is the Go Url Parameter

The Go Url Syntax

Youo just have to add the value that you have set in the “nameInSource” tag from the node param as :



If you try to set the value of a system security session variable (specifically USER, PROXY, GROUP and WEBGROUPS), you will have in the log :

nQSError: 10018: Access for the requested connection is refused
nQSError: 1315 You do not have the permission to set the value of the variable :USER


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