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security in Oracle BI can be classified broadly into the following three types.



see OBIEE - Data security (visibility of data)


Object-level security controls the visibility to business logical objects based on a user's role. You can set up object-level security for metadata repository objects, such as subject areas and presentation folders, and for Web objects, such as dashboards and dashboard pages, which are defined in the Presentation Catalog.

Business logic object

This controls access to objects, such as:

For example, users in a particular department can view only the subject areas that belong to their department.

Web object security

This provides security for objects stored in the Web Catalog, such as dashboards, dashboard pages, folders, and reports. You can view only the objects for which you are authorized. For example, a mid-level manager may not be granted access to a dashboard containing summary information for an entire department.


User-level security refers to authentication and confirmation of the identity of a user based on the credentials provided.

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