OBIEE - Repository Design

Bi Server Architecture With Client

Business Model



A consideration to take when designing a subject area is to pay attention at the final user. Do you design for a user:

  • that will use answer to perform ad hoc queries
  • or who will interact with the metadata via logical sql, dashboard and prompts.

Design Concept

  • Numerous logical aggregations
  • Time series and Rolling X Months
  • Variations, Time Span Variations, and Compounded Variations
  • Run Rates and Percent of Periods
  • Grain Fragmentation
  • Multi Physical Sourcing
  • Dimensional Snowflaking
  • Canonical Time Construct (Multi LTS Facts tables)
  • Data Security, Projects, and Segmentation Metadata


The rpd.sav is just an rpd file that have been copied during the start process of BI Server (OBIS).


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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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