Bi Server Architecture With Client


To know the basis of ODBC, check this article: ODBC.

ODBC is closer related to the BI Server. It uses it to:

Support Type

The Oracle Business Intelligence Server supports accessing:

  • ODBC 2.0 and 2.1 compliant databases/data sources for 8-bit character sets.
  • ODBC 3.5 compliant databases/data sources for UTF-16 (unicode) character sets.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers

Since Oracle BI EE, the installation provides DataDirect Connect ODBC drivers and driver managers for Linux and UNIX operating systems for connectivity to

DB2 Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 DB2 Wire Protocol
Informix Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Informix Wire Protocol
Oracle Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Oracle Wire Protocol
Sybase Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Sybase Wire Protocol
Teradata=DataDirect 7.1 Teradata
SQL Server Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 SQL Server Wire Protocol
MySQL Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 MySQL Wire Protocol
PostgreSQL Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 PostgreSQL Wire Protocol
Greenplum Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Greenplum Wire Protocol
Salesforce=DataDirect 7.1 Salesforce
Sybase IQ Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Sybase IQ Wire Protocol
Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Progress OpenEdge Wire Protocol
Apache Hive Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Apache Hive Wire Protocol
Impala Wire Protocol=DataDirect 7.1 Impala Wire Protocol


The connection has failed

The log is nqquery.log


  • Specified driver could not be loaded
[nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: IM003 code: 0 message: 
[DataDirect][ODBC lib] Specified driver could not be loaded. [[
[nQSError: 43093] An error occurred while processing the EXECUTE PHYSICAL statement.
[nQSError: 43119] Query Failed: 

  • Driver does not support this function. Change the interface from 3.5 to 2 for instance.
[nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: IM001 code: 0 message: 
[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Driver does not support this function. 
[nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: S1000 code: 0 message: 
[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Driver returned SQL_ERROR or SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO but no error reporting API found. (HY000)

Environment variable of the nqsserver

 cat /proc/`pidof nqsserver`/environ | tr \\0 \\n

Backtrace Example

Backtrace Example where we see the call the data direct driver (Merant/7.1.5/lib/


Documentation / Reference

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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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