OBIEE - Logical Column

Bi Server Architecture With Client

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Obiee Upgrade Id Id
OBIEE - Void (Id)

The VoidID (id) is an repository object identifier. It is used in situations where the object type can be used to achieve better performance than the uid. The id is a structure that contains two...
Bi Server Architecture
OBIEE - Query Compiler

The query compiler is responsible of the compilation of a logical sql in the query processing process of BI Server. The query compilation is composed of the following five phases: parsing, , navigation,...
Obiee Measure Column
OBIEE 10G/11G - Measures (Columns|Attributes)

A measure column is a logical column with an aggregate function. Any column with an aggregation rule is a measure. Examples include Revenue or Units Sold. Measures need to be defined in a logical fact....

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