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In a total, @ displays the value of the data

For example, if a total is specified for the Region column, and you enter the following text into the Caption field for the total heading:

All values in the @

the total heading would display the following text for the Western Region:

All values in the Western Region

To display the @ symbol, you must enclose it between two quotes such as “@”.


  • “\”“ - displays the double quote
  • “\\” - displays the \ symbol
  • \ - displays the \ symbol

The double quote syntax is not limited to a single character. In general you can use a backslash escaped string inside double quotes. For example:

"1234567890\\abc\\d\"x\"yz!@#$%^&*()-+=_{}[];:'|?/><,.` ~"

is displayed as:

1234567890\abc\d"x"yz!@#$%^&*()-+=_{}[];:'|?/><,.` ~

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