OBIEE - How to define one different database credential for each user (the shared logon) ?

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For system architecture reasons, you may want to have one database credential by user.

Example :

  • When one schema (of one user) is the logical entity of one company, you may decide to have the same table in two different schema but with the data for only one company

How to do

To achieve it, you have to unmark the check box “Shared Logon” of the connection pool property in the physical layer. You can remark that the user and password box become gray.

Obiee Connection Pool Shared Logon

Now, the Obiee users don't share no the same credential and you have to define for each Obiee user, one credential (one username, one password).

To define the new credentials :

Obiee Logon By User

The importance of disabling the cache

If the user don't share the same data, you have to disable the query cache by setting NO on the Obiee Bi Server Application Cache Parameters parameter in the cache section of the file Nqsconfig

If you don't disable the query cache, Obiee will perform an hit cache and retrieve the data from its cache as you can see in the log :

Obiee Bi Server Cache No Shared Logon

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