OBIEE - BI Server Variables (session and repository)

Bi Server Architecture With Client


The OBI Server can handle two types of variable :

In essence, a repository variable is the default value of a session variable.

The presentation service (dashboard) offers also a variable : The presentation variable

You can see their value and type in the session manager.

You can use them in BI Presentation Service, BI Server and Scheduler.

They are initialized with the help of an init block

Type of server variable

Obiee Variable Manager


A repository variable is a BI server variable that doesn't depend of the user (then of the login process).

You have two kind of repository variable :

  • Static (of a constant)
  • Dynamic (which is calculated/refresh periodically).


Session Variable are the second type of variable and depend of the user. When the user log in BI Presentation Service, they are initialized.

You have two kind of session variable :

  • Session System (reserved by OBIEE)
  • Session Non System (for your own purpose)

Session System

Session System variables are session variables that the Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Services use for specific purposes. System session variables have reserved names, that cannot be used for other kinds of variables (such as static or dynamic repository_variable and nonsystem session variables).

Session Non System

Session Non System variable are variable that you can create for your own purpose. You can set in:


Obiee Session Variable

Enable any user to set the value

You can set the session variable:

Security Sensitive

When using a row-level database security strategy, such as a Virtual Private Database (VPD), the returned data results are contingent on the authorization credentials of the user.

For variables that you are using for authentication, in the Session Variable dialog, select Security Sensitive to identify them as sensitive to security when using a row-level database security strategy. This option ensures that cache entries are marked with the security-sensitive variables, enabling security-sensitive variable matching on all incoming queries.

This parameter is used to determine if the cached result of a logical sql can be shared between different users. See OBIEE - BI Server (JDBC|ODBC) Driver Functions


Documentation / Reference

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