OBIEE - The Business Model and Mapping (BMM)

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The Business Model and Mapping layer (known also as Business Model):

The logical schema defined in each business model must contain at least two logical tables. See OBIEE - Single table model.

The Business Model and Mapping layer organizes information by business model (sort of folder). Each business model contains logical tables. Logical tables are composed of logical columns. Logical tables have relationships to each other expressed by complex logical joins. The relationship between logical columns can be hierarchical, as defined in business model hierarchies. Logical tables map to the source data in the Physical layer. The mapping can include complex transformations and formulas.

The Business Model and Mapping layer defines the meaning and content of each physical source in business model terms.

The logical schema defined in each business model needs to contain at least two logical tables: OBIEE - Single table model.

During the design process of your logical model, you have to define:

Because they mirror the way people think about business information, dimensional model (star or snowflake model) can be understood by non-technical business analysts.

Its server-side capabilities, together with its data modeling capabilities, provide that bridge, which allows simple SQL to pose complex business questions, regardless of where the data is physically located and independent of the physical model in which the data is stored.

Logical Business Model


A business model need at least:

  • one logical fact table
  • and one logical dimension table

See OBIEE - Single table model. to understand how you can model a business model from a single table.


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Bi Server Architecture With Client
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