OBIEE - nQSError:15019 - Table @1%ls is functionally dependent upon level @2%ls


When performing a consistency check, you can get this error:

15019 Table @1%ls is functionally dependent upon level @2%ls, but a more detailed child level
has associated columns from that same table or a more detailed table.

What say the Documentation

  • Cause: The named table level dependencies are inconsistent.
  • Response. Correct the level dependencies and retry your actions. If the problem persists, contact Siebel Systems technical support for details.


Two key on the table @1%ls

When setting an aggregate navigation and that you map the columns by dragging and dropping the key column of the physical table, you are creating a new primary key column. The two primary key are not from the same level and then you receive this message.

To resolve this problem, delete the primary key of the aggregate level.

Primary key column of the logical table not in the lowest detail level of the hierarchy

When adding a lowest level in a dimension, you have to change the primary key in de logical table in order to have the same primary key that the most detailed level of the hierarchy.

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