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The Summary Advisor is a tool that

  1. evaluate the collected statistics (Cache hits are ignored)
  2. recommend aggregates

Obiee Summary Advisor

After the Summary Advisor Statistics Table is populated with representative data, Summary Advisor can analyze the data and generate aggregate recommendations.


Exalytics Machine

Oracle Business Intelligence must run on the Oracle Exalytics Machine.

Only aggregate target database schemas for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database are currently supported for use with Oracle BI Summary Advisor.


Usage Tracking

Usage tracking must be enabled to collect statistics and to be able to identify slow-running queries.

Summary Advisor

Two new summary advisor parameters are needed in order to turn on Summary Advisor Logging:

  • the SummaryAdvisorTableName attribute to the name of the fully-qualified database table for collecting statistics, as it appears in the Physical layer of the Oracle BI repository. For example:

Obiee11g Usage Tracking Physical Layer

  • and SummaryStatisticsLogging which can takes one of the following value:
    • YES to enable Summary Advisor logging.
    • LOG_OUTER_JOINT_QUERIES_ONLY to enable Summary Advisor logging only for logical queries that contain outer joins.

Aggregate Persistence

The aggregate persistence script prerequisite must be also fulfilled.


Invoking Summary Advisor

Via AdminTool > Tool > Utilities in online mode

Summary Advisor Statistics Generation tool

If your system had Usage Tracking enabled, but not Summary Advisor Logging enabled, you can run the Summary Advisor Statistics Generation tool to transfer Usage Tracking data to the Summary Advisor Statistics Table. This scenario applies to pre- users upgrading to the latest version of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition with the Oracle BI Summary Advisor feature. These users may have Usage Tracking data, but not Summary Advisor statistics.


[nQSError: 98033]

If the nQSErrors 98033, 98038, 98039, or 98040 are displayed verify the statistics prerequisite configuration.

Documentation / Reference

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