OBIEE - Request variable


Request Variables are used to update Session Variables in the scope of a logical sql.

You will find it in a OBIEE logical Sql in its SET VARIABLE part.

For instance :

SET VARIABLE MyYear='2000';SELECT Calendar."Calendar Year" saw_0 FROM SH ORDER BY saw_0

Its aim is to set an OBI server session variable :

  • either System
  • or Non System
  • and without security sensitivity

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SET VARIABLE MyVariable=MyVale;Logical SQL


  • a string: SET VARIABLE MyVariable='MyString'
  • a date: SET VARIABLE MyDateVariable=date '2013-05-01'
  • a timestamp: SET VARIABLE MyTimeStampVariable=timestamp '2013-05-01 12:12:12'

What is the scope of a request variable in Presentation Service ?

By using a dashboard prompt to define the request variable, the scope of the request variable (as a presentation variable) depend then of the dashboard prompt scope (that you can find in the dashboard prompt definition)

Then you can use it exclusively in a dashboard and not for the entire session. For instance, if you leave the dashboard by opening a new report or going into an other dashboard, the value will be reinitialized to the BI server Session Variable.

To modify a repository session variable for the entire session scope, you can fired this odbc function:

call NQSSetSessionValue('Float MyRepositoryVariable=200;')


To set a session non system repository variable

SET VARIABLE MyYear='2000';SELECT Calendar."Calendar Year" saw_0 FROM SH ORDER BY saw_0

System Repository Variable

To set the log level for further analyse

This variable allow you to set the LOGLEVEL for further analyse.


To disable the query cache hit

The variable DISABLE_CACHE_HIT disable the use of the query cache of OBI Server.


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