OBIEE 10G/11G - How to set a presentation variable ?

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You can set up a presentation variable:

  • only through the user interface
  • programmatically with javascript is not yet supported

And you can use it then in many places : OBIEE - Where can I use a presentation variable ?


@{MyPresentationVariable}{MyDefault Value}


@{myYear}{max(Time.Year by)}

Which means:

  • use the presentation variable myYear
  • and if it's not yet set then use as default the maximum year of the data set.

Multiple value / select

  • OBIEE 10g: You cannot set a Presentation Variable in a Multi Select dashboard prompt in OBIEE 10g. This is expected behavior. OBIEE 10g is working as designed. A Presentation variable can assume a single value. Because of that, presentation variables are not available when using multi select prompts. See note 965224.1
  • OBIEE 11g will introduce the ability to set Presentation Variables when using multi select prompts. In 10g you can try as a workaround using more than 1 prompt.

How to set it up

With the user interface

In 10G, the dashboard prompt is the only way to set a presentation variable. With the advent of 11G, you can now set a presentation variable with the help of a variable prompt

When the dashboard or variable prompt is used in a dashboard, the variable is simply set with the new value.

Dashboard prompt

When you create a dashboard prompt, you have in the column “set variable” the choice between two values :

  1. Select in the Set Variable Column, the value “Presentation variable”
  2. Enter a name for your presentation variable


Obiee Setting Presentation Variable


Variable prompt

variable prompt

With Javascript

This functionality does not exist at the moment.: OBIEE 11g: How To Set the Value of a Presentation Variable Using Javascript

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