OBIEE - Web Services API (SOAP,WSDL)


OBIEE web services is an application programming interface (API) that implements SOAP from the presentation service layer.

Web Services


This API can be used to:

  • start and manage web sessions
  • retrieve results from Oracle BI Presentation Service in XML format
  • embed Oracle BI Presentation Service results in third-party dynamic Web pages and Portal Frameworks including Oracle Portal and any other JSR-168/WSRP compliant Portal
  • merge report parameters and logical SQL to create analyses and return results
  • navigate and manage the Web Catalog.
  • Perform Oracle BI Presentation Catalog management functions

They are referred to as “session based” because you need to first retrieve a session ID with SAWSessionService. These web services are designed for programmatic use.

Obiee provides several webservices that can be reach with their own Url. The Url has this form :

WebService Name of the service Description
SAWSessionService nQSessionService Provide authentication methods such as logon and logoff nd impressonation
WebCatalogService webCatalogService to read and write presentation catalog objects
XMLViewService xmlViewService To retrieve result on a xml format
jobManagementService jobManagementService To manage the job
SecurityService securityService To manage the security (privileges), …
ReplicationService replicationService To manage the replication between Presentation Catalogues
ReportEditingService reportService To manage the report (Adding filter and other conditions)
IBotService ibotService Ibot, Agent
HTMLViewService htmlViewService Give Oracle BI html results. Best candidate to display the report or page from OBIEE as it is within portal
MetadataService metadataService To have information on the metadata MetadataService - Subject Areas, Tables, Columns

The Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) is located here:


The web services for SOA are introduced in 11g, they support only browsing and execution of:

Prompted filters and presentation variables included in the business intelligence objects are supported.

Oracle BI EE dynamically creates a dedicated Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document with its own name space for each agent, analysis, and condition that content designers save to the catalog. Each object has a dedicated WSDL document.


The WSIL is not available until it has been properly configured.

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