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In OBIEE, you have two type of prompt to be able to filter information or set variables: the answer prompt the dashboard prompt the variable prompt (from 11g)
Obiee Dashboard Prompt Parameter
OBIEE 10G - How to create a prompt to handle a parameter ?

A variable parameter is a variable that is not dependent upon a column. In 10g, all the prompts in OBIEE are column based prompt. In 11g, you can use the variable prompt To create a parameter prompt,...
Obiee Setting Presentation Variable
OBIEE 10G/11G - How to set a presentation variable ?

You can set up a presentation variable: only through the user interface programmatically with javascript is not yet supported And you can use it then in many places : Which means: use...
Obiee 10g Server Variable Session Repository
OBIEE 10G/11G - The (dashboard|column) prompt

The dashboard prompt is the most used prompt to filter rapport in a dashboard but it can also set: a presentation variable variable prompt a request variable In 10g, for a repository...

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