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In the release before 11g, Presentation Services groups were used for organizing users. Presentation Services group membership was used to determine the permissions and privileges that are associated with a user.

On OBIEE 11g:

  • Oracle recommends that Oracle BI Presentation Catalog groups be used for backward compatibility only and that Application Roles be used instead for new installations.
  • the Everyone group has been replaced with the AuthenticatedUser role

Presentation Services administrators must ensure that the names of Catalog groups are different from any user IDs that are used to log in to Oracle BI Presentation Services. If a user and a Catalog group share the same name, then the user receives an invalid_account message when attempting to log in to Oracle BI Presentation Services.


From the 11g Home page in Presentation Services, select Administration > Manage Catalog Groups


Invalid account

When you create a group, you may have this error on the web page:

Invalid account.
  Error Details
Error Codes: I5OWP2W8

of this error in the log:

Type: Error
Severity: 42
Time: Mon Dec 14 11:57:04 2009 
File: project/websecurity/securitymanager.cpp Line: 90
Properties: ThreadID-5052;HttpCommand-ManageGroups;RemoteIP-;User-Administrator

Invalid account.

This error can occur when you try to create a catalog group with the same name than an existing user.

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