OBIEE - Copy Request Xml to Clipboard

Saw Object


The function is developed with the help of flash and is aimed to paste the definition of the answer in the BI Add-In for MS Office.

Obiee Copy Request Xml To Clipboard Flash

Example of XML Request

<saw:report xmlns:saw="" xmlns:xsd="" 
xmlVersion="200705140" xmlns:xsi="" 
	<saw:criteria subjectArea="SH">
			<saw:column formula="Customers.&quot;Cust City&quot;" columnID="c0"/>
			<saw:column formula="&quot;Customers&quot;.&quot;Cust Last Name&quot;" columnID="c1"/>
			<saw:column formula="&quot;Customers&quot;.&quot;Cust First Name&quot;" columnID="c2"/>
			<saw:column formula="&quot;Customers&quot;.&quot;Cust Id&quot;" columnID="c3"/>
			<sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:comparison" op="equal" protected="true">
				<sawx:expr xsi:type="sawx:sqlExpression">"Customers"."Cust City"</sawx:expr>
				<sawx:expr xsi:type="xsd:string">Aachen</sawx:expr>
	<saw:views currentView="0">
		<saw:view xsi:type="saw:compoundView" name="compoundView!1" rptViewVers="200510010">
					<saw:cvCell viewName="titleView!1">
					<saw:cvCell viewName="tableView!1">
		<saw:view xsi:type="saw:titleView" name="titleView!1" rptViewVers="200510010"/>
		<saw:view xsi:type="saw:tableView" name="tableView!1" rptViewVers="200510010"/>


Work with :

  • IE7
  • Firefox 3.5.5.

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