OBIEE - Look and feel Customizing (Style and Skin)

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You can control the way that the interface for Oracle BI EE is displayed to users by creating skins and styles.

While skins and styles are typically used to customize the look and feel of analyses and dashboards by providing logos, color schemes, fonts, table borders, and other elements, they can also be used to control the position and justification of various elements by including specialized style tags in the relevant style sheet (.css) file.

Skin and Style configuration and directory are explain in this article: OBIEE 10G/ - How to create a New Style and Skin ?


Skin and Style

The primary difference between skins and styles is that:

  • skins can be automatically assigned to a user at login time,
  • while users can select styles at run time to control things such as table formatting, and so on.


A “style” controls how dashboards and results are formatted for display, such as the color of text and links, the font and size of text, the borders in tables, the colors and attributes of graphs, and so on. Styles consist of alterable elements, often combined into style sheets.

The style map can be accessed in BI Presentation Service with the fmap alias.


A “skin” is assigned based on the value of the SKIN system session variable. The user can then alter certain elements, such as fonts, colors, various attributes of tables and graphs, and so on, by picking a “style” for analysis results (or a dashboard) when they are logged into Oracle BI EE. Skins consist of non-alterable elements, such as corporate logos or other graphics.

Documentation / Reference

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