OBIEE - Java Host


The Oracle Business Intelligence Javahost provides services to BI Presentation Services for Style and Skin, Charts, Gauges and PDFs. The services are provided based on request-response model.

BI Javahost receives requests from BI Presentation Services and BI Scheduler on the default port 9810.

The JavaHost service gives Presentation Services the ability to use functionality that is provided in Java libraries to support the following components:

  • Graph generation
  • SVG renderer (Apache Batik)
  • Oracle BI Scheduler (Java tasks support)
  • Oracle BI Publisher
  • Advanced reporting
  • URL Connect (Issues an HTTP request to another component)
  • Integration Service Call (Used by the Oracle BI Server to execute Java code)

Configuration File: OracleBI/web/javahost/config/config.xml



  • FMW_HOME\instance1\diagnostics\logs\OracleBIJavaHostComponent\coreapplication_obijh1\jh.log

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