OBIEE - DMS Metrics

Obi Edition


OBIEE DMS metrics are available in Fusion Middleware Control for system components within a given Oracle Business Intelligence installation.


Tools (GUI and scripting) available to see and get Weblogic - Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) performance metrics information.


Components Tools Description
Presentation Service OBIEE 10g/11g - Performance Monitor (Perfmon) HTML Pagina
All OBIEE - DMS Browser with Weblogic EM DMS Browser for the BI Components
All Weblogic - Spy (DMS|Metrics) Application DMS browser for all Weblogic components


Components Api Description
Bi Server OBIEE 11g - Bi Server metrics functions (JDBC/ODBC) Api function call
All WLST Api function call

Documentation / Reference

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Obi Edition
OBIEE 10G/11G - Monitoring - (Performance|Perfmon) (Metrics|Counter)

The System and Performance Monitoring is managed through metrics that span over all the OBI layers: OS Application Server (Weblogic 11g or OC4J for 10g) BI Server Presentation Server Below is...
OBIEE 11g - Bi Server metrics functions (JDBC/ODBC)

From 11g, is it now possible to get the DMS metrics from a JDBC/ODBC BI Server function call for the BI Server. API The API entry is the following function which list all Bi Server metrics. Example...

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