OBIEE 11G - Upgrade from the Sample App SampleSales 10g


Start the Upgrade Assistant

To start Upgrade Assistant using the graphical user interface, change the directory to the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory of the Oracle Fusion Middleware installation:

cd c:\MiddelwareHome\Oracle_BI1\bin



On a Windows operating system:

Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Assistant
Log file is located at: MiddelwareHome\Oracle_BI1\upgrade\logs\ua2012-02-14-08-11-41AM.log

Source Details

Weblogic Server

Connection parameters.


End Of Upgrade

The following information is available in:

Post upgrade tasks:
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

- Agents will be disabled until the scheduler schema has been imported.

- The following items may need to be configured using EM.   Files can be manually copied from the 10g installation to the 11g installation, or EM can be used to refer the 11g installation to the files used in the 10g installation.

-         Scheduler script path

-         Scheduler Default script path

-         OBIPS User pref currencies config file

-         OBIPS PDF font map file

-         Javahost user config file

-         Javahost scheduler user jar file path

-         Language specific custom messages (*See note 1)

- Note 1) In order to follow the Oracle standard internationalization naming convention, some of the directories that contain languages dependent message files have been modified. The following is a list of what has been changed between 10g and 11g:

-         10g         11g

-         l_zh     -> l_zh-CN

-         l_zh-tw  -> l_zh-TW  (not applicable to Windows installations)

-         l_pt-br  -> l_pt-BR (not applicable to Windows installations)

-         l_iw     -> l_he


Xml Location

All the XML source have their own URL, then of you change them all, of you try to keep the same path.

Documenatation / Reference

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