OBIEE 12c - BAR (Business Intelligence Archive File)

Obi Edition


The BAR file is an archive file that contains the following artifacts:

  • data model, (ie xml-based representation of a .RPD file.)
  • content model (ie Presentation Services catalog metadata for a service instance)
  • and authorization model. (The Security policy metadata containing application role and application role memberships plus permission and permission set grants for a service instance)
  • A manifest file declaring the dependencies for the BAR file.

It's used to backup / deploy a service instance. Ie an export of the service instance creates a Bar file.

Obiee 12c Bar File

Built-in Bar


  • Empty BAR - Location: ORACLE_HOME/bi/bifoundation/admin/provisioning/ The Empty BAR file contains only enough permissions for the administrator user to login and administer the system.
  • SampleAppLite BAR - - The SampleAppLite BAR file contains a file based data source with 2 subject areas, a collection of reports, and application roles for read, write, and administration tasks. Location: ORACLE_HOME/bi/bifoundation/samples/sampleapplite/
  • Starter BAR. You use the starter BAR when you want to build metadata from the beginning, but need a typical security policy to be in place. The starter BAR is essentially empty except for containing the same security policy as the Sample application BAR.


Tools are in WEBLOGIC_HOME\domains\bi\bitools\bin


Example of export Temp location is FMW_HOME\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata\service_instances\ ssi\tmp\authmodel\exportServiceInstance\20180719_150925



By default:

  • the webcat user catalog is not exported. See includeCatalogRuntimeInfo info.
  • the credentials are not exported. See includeCredentials


exportServiceInstance(domainHome,siKey, workDir, exportDir)

The log can be found at FMW_HOME\user_projects\domains\bi\bilogs\service_instances and on the screen.

Jul 19, 2018 11:32:20 AM exportServiceInstance
INFO: Successully created MANIFEST.MF at location C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization\ssi\metadata\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF
Jul 19, 2018 11:32:26 AM exportServiceInstance
INFO: Exported ServiceInstance to C:\tmp\bar\20180719_112819
Jul 19, 2018 11:32:26 AM exportServiceInstance
INFO: Now deleting the temp workdir ExportSICustomization folder: C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization
Finished Export Service Instance Customization and Configuration

The following command are executed:

[cmd.exe, /C, biserverxmlgen.cmd, -R, F:\Oracle\Middleware\Fmw\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata\service_instances\ssi\metadata\datamodel\customizations\liverpd.rpd_104, -Z, C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization\ssi\metadata\datamodel\rpd\default.rpd]
[cmd.exe, /C, obieerpdpwdchg.cmd, -I, F:\Oracle\Middleware\Fmw\user_projects\domains\bi\bidata\service_instances\ssi\metadata\datamodel\customizations\liverpd.rpd, -o, C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization\ssi\metadata\datamodel\liverpd_temp_default.rpd]
[cmd.exe, /C, biserverxmlgen.cmd, -8, -R, C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization\ssi\metadata\datamodel\liverpd_temp_default.rpd, -o, C:\tmp\bar\exportSICustomization\ssi\metadata\datamodel\customizations\default\default_diff.xml, -B]
[cmd.exe, /C, nqsecudmlgen.cmd, -K]  # One by connection pool



A BAR file can be imported into a BI Service Instance.

USAGE : <service instance key> <location of bar file to import> [nodatamodel] [nocontent] [noauthorization] [nodatasets] [nosearch] [noaction] [encryptionpassword=<encryption password for connections>]
 Description         : Import bar as a service instance
 Mandatory Arguments : service instance key and location of bar file
 Optional Arguments  : exclude list of values:nodatamodel nocontent noauthorization nodatasets nosearch
         nodatamodel        : Do not import RPD metadata content
         nocontent          : Do not import WEBCAT metadata content
         noauthorization    : Do not import JAZN metadata content
         nodatasets         : Do not import DSS metadata content
         nosearch           : Do not import Search metadata content
         noaction           : Do not import Action metadata content
         encryptionpassword : Encryption password for connections if any


Documentation / Reference

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