Weblogic - DMS Metric

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DMS Metrics are performance metrics for (application|Components)

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Obi Edition
OBIEE - DMS Metrics

OBIEE DMS metrics are available in Fusion Middleware Control for system components within a given Oracle Business Intelligence installation. Tools (GUI and scripting) available to see and get performance...
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Weblogic - How to get DMS metrics with Opmnctl ?

Opmnctl can also be used to retrieve DMS metrics In the help, you can see this two options: Help: A “list” operation takes no additional arguments, and the target opmn will return a list...
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Wlst - Dynamic Monitoring Service (DMS) Custom Command

You can use WLST DMS Custom commands to periodically save DMS metric information to a file so that you have a record of past metric values. The wlst script must be started from this directory:...

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