Weblogic - MBean Browser/Explorer


Weblogic Mbean browser and explorer software.

See the The WebLogic Server® MBean Reference for detailled documentation on all MBeans.


Weblogic Browser

The Fusion Middleware Control MBean Browser is an Oracle Web application (based on JMX MBean containers), that can be used instead of Fusion Middleware Control to perform centralized and local management of Oracle Business Intelligence system components.

  • In the Navigator window, expand the WebLogic Domain folder and the bifoundation_domain node, and select the AdminServer node.
  • Display the WebLogic Server menu and select System MBean Browser from the menu to display the Fusion Middleware Control System MBean Browser.
  • Navigate to the following MBean (the first BIDomain MBean): oracle.biee.admin, Domain:bifoundation_domain
  • All MBeans are present in this folder

Eclipse Explorer



During the browse of Mbean, I meet a java.lang.OufOfMemory. (PPR)


For more information, please see the server's error log 
for an entry beggining with: Server Exception during PPR, #3

To solution this problem, I have:

Documentation / Reference

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