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An Oracle WebLogic Server administration domain is a logically related group of Java components:

Weblogic Architecture Domain


remove a domain

  • Just copy the domain in an other location than FMW_Home\user_projects\domain
  • And suppress the entry in the FMW_HOME\wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager.domains file.


Example of value:


#bi Linux
#bi Windows

Other locations:

  • Stand Alone WebLogic Server: FMW_Home\user_projects\domains
  • JDeveloper Integrated WebLogic Server:
    • In Windows environments: %APPDATA%\JDeveloper\systemXX.XX.XX.XX\DefaultDomain where XX.XX.XX.XX is the unique number of the product build.
    • In non-Windows environments, the default location is under the current user's default home directory: <Home>/DefaultDomain


Extending a domain means that you add products and functionality to an existing domain.


Each domain describes its configuration in an XML document that is located in the domain's configuration directory. The central configuration file for a domain is DOMAIN_NAME/config/config.xml.

Example with a BI installation:


General Information

Weblogic Domain General Information


The schemas that define a domain’s configuration document are in the following locations:



A standalone domain is a container for system components, such as Oracle HTTP Server. It has a directory structure similar to an Oracle WebLogic Server domain, but it does not contain an Administration Server or Managed Servers. It can contain one or more instances of system components of the same type, such as Oracle HTTP Server, or a mix of system component types.

Documentation / Reference

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