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ODI Agent is a lightweight Java process that orchestrates the execution of ODI scenarios.

The ODI Agent can be installed to allow for lights-out processing of ODI scenarios developed with Designer :

  • as a Java EE Agents
  • as a service (Standalone Agents)

It integrates the Scheduler to execute the interfaces according to a predefined schedule.

Agent Architecture Overview

J2EE Standalone Colocated
Odi Topology Jee Odi Topology Stand Alone Odi Topology Colocated

Installation Type


Odi Topology Jee

Java EE Agents are installed in a Oracle WebLogic Server (since 11g), and automatically benefit from the clustering, load-balancing, data-sources and connection pooling features available with the application server.

A Java EE agent is a JEE application that is deployed and runs on a Managed Server configured in a WebLogic domain.

The Java EE agent is best suited for environments where Oracle Data Integrator interoperates with other Oracle Fusion Middleware products.

The architecture picture contains the following components:

  • APPHOST refers to the computer that is hosting the application tier.
  • DBHOST refers to the computer that is hosting the database.
  • WebLogic Domain A logically related group of Java components (in this case, the administration Server, Managed Servers, and other related software components).
  • Administration Server: The central control entity of a domain which maintains the domain's configuration objects and distributes configuration changes to Managed Servers.
  • Enterprise Manager (Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control). This is the main tool that can be used to manage your domain.
  • Cluster: A collection of multiple WebLogic Server instances running simultaneously and working together.
  • Machine is a logical representation of the computer that hosts one or more WebLogic Server instances (servers). Machines are also the logical glue between WebLogic Managed Servers and the Node Manager; in order to start or stop a Managed Server with Node Manager, the Managed Server must be associated with a machine.
  • Managed Server: Host for your applications, application components, Web services, and their associated resources.
  • Infrastructure: Collection of services that include the following:
    • Metadata repository (MDS) This contains metadata for Oracle Fusion Middleware components, such as the Oracle Application Developer Framework.
    • Oracle Application Developer Framework (Oracle ADF)
    • Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)
  • Java EE Agent


Standalone Agents are installed as a service. For instance in the case where the agent needs to be located close to the data, or on systems where Oracle WebLogic Server is not a viable option.

A standalone agent runs as its own process and is managed by the WebLogic Management Framework. Typically, you would install a standalone agent so that it runs in any environment where the agent process should be lightweight and local WebLogic Server operations are not supported.

Odi Topology Stand Alone


  • Standalone Domain is a container for system components, such as Oracle HTTP Server or Oracle Data Integrator standalone agents.
  • System Component is a manageable process that is not deployed in a Java application container.


A colocated standalone agent is a standalone agent that is configured in a WebLogic domain and is managed by an Administration Server. The WebLogic domain makes Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure services available for managing the agent.

Odi Topology Colocated



  • fmw_home\user_projects\domains\base_domain\system_components\ODI\OracleDIAgentName\logs\oracledi\odiagent.log

Documentation / Reference

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