ODI - Monitoring


How to monitor the execution of ODI.

Through the operator

Operator is the production management and monitoring module. It is designed for IT production operators. and is basically a GUI that displays the status of executions.

Through the work repository metadata

In the work repository, you can find the table SNP_STEP_REPORT and SNP_EXP_TEXT that you can join on I_TXT_STEP_MESS = I_TXT. This is the join for the error message text.

The only column that needs further definition is the decode statement for STEP_STATUS (Status). These can also be found in the ODI Documentation Substitution Methods Reference.

  • 'D' = Success'
  • 'E' = 'Error'
  • 'Q' = 'Queued'
  • 'W' = 'Waiting'
  • 'M' = 'Warning'

Documentation / Reference

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