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Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator is made up of the components described below:

  • The modular Repository, made up of a Master Repository and of one or several Work Repositories. These repositories can be installed on any database engine that supports ANSI ISO 89 syntax.
  • The graphical interface modules (Topology Manager, Designer, Security Manager, Operator) and the execution agents (Agent). These are entirely built with Java components that give access to the Repository in client/server mode.
  • Metadata Navigator, a Servlet/JSP application that enables access to the Repository through a Web interface.
  • Lightweight Designer, a web application to view and edit objects in the repository through a Web browser.
  • Oracle Data Integrator Public Web Services are web services that enable users to leverage Oracle Data Integrator features in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Oracle Data Profiling

Oracle Data Profiling is made up of the following components:

  • The Metabase Server contains the profiling data and metadata.
  • The Scheduler Server handles profiling jobs.
  • The Oracle Data Quality User Interface is the client interface common to Oracle Data Profiling and Oracle Data Quality.
  • The Oracle Data Quality ODBC Adapter is used to connect ODBC data sources. This

optional component can be installed on Windows platforms only.

Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator

Oracle Data Quality for Data Integrator uses the same components as Oracle Data Profiling and in addition includes.

  • The Data Quality Server is the run-time server running data quality projects.

Optional country-specific directories, used for Name and Address cleansing projects with Oracle Data Quality can be purchased separately from Trillium Software. To purchase these directories, please contact Trillium Software. You will be asked to provide the following OEM key: “ODQ020207”

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