ODI - Datastore (Source and Target)


A datastore is a structure that allows data to be stored. It can be :

Oracle Data Integrator can then access and integrate:

  • all database systems,
  • ERPs and CRMs,
  • mainframes,
  • flat files,
  • LDAP directories,
  • XML data sources,
  • etc.

Type of DataStore

Tow type of datastore exist :

  • source
  • target


The source datastores contain data used to load the target datastore. Two types of datastores can be used as a source of an interface:

  • The datastores from the models,
  • and temporary datastores target of an interface.

The source datastores of an interface can be filtered during the loading process, and must be put in relation through joins. Joins and filters can be recovered from the models definitions, and can also be defined for the interface. Mapping

The mapping defines the transformation rules on the sources enabling to generate data to load the target.


The target datastore is the element that will be loaded by the interface. This datastore may be :

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