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Oracle Data Integrator is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements and is a component of oracle data integrator enterprise edition


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ODI - Component Details

Oracle Data Integrator is made up of the components described below: The modular Repository, made up of a Master Repository and of one or several Work Repositories. These repositories can be installed...
Odiee Control
ODI - Data Integrity Control

Data integrity control is essential in ensuring the overall consistency of the data in your information system's applications. Application data is not always valid for the constraints and declarative...
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ODI - Datastore (Source and Target)

A datastore is a structure that allows data to be stored. It can be : a table, a file, a message queue or any other data structure accessible by middleware used by Oracle Data Integrator (JDBC/ODBC,...
Odi Create Master Repository Wizard
ODI - Installation version

LD_LIBRARY_PATH= Master Repository: Data structure containing information on the topology of the company's IT resources, on security and on version management of projects and data models. This repository...
Odiee Architecture
ODI - Technical Architecture

Oracle Data Integrator is built around a modular repository architecture and accessed in client/server or thin client mode by components that are developed entirely in Java: the graphical interface...
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ODIEE - Security Manager

Security Manager is the tool for managing users and permissions in Oracle Data Integrator.

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