ODI - Technical Architecture

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ODI - Technical Architecture


Oracle Data Integrator is built around a modular repository architecture and accessed in client/server or thin client mode by components that are developed entirely in Java:

Odiee Architecture

ODI 11g Architecture

Odi 11g Architecture

  • The agent can now be integrated into a Weblogic Server.
  • All the web interfaces (Repository Explorer, Metadata Navigator and Lightweight Designer) are consolidated into a single ADF-Faces application called ODI Console.
  • Monitoring an enterprise-scale ODI infrastructure can be undertaken from the Oracle Fusion Middleware Control Console (a.k.a. Enterprise Manager - EM). ODI introduces a plugin that can be deployed in EM to monitor ODI resources (repositories, agents, ODI Console instances) and see their status, activities and notification.

The components

Odi Architecture

The Repository is a comprehensive, open and shared metadata repository. It stores the metadata for the accessed applications involved in the transformation and integration processing, the developed project versions and all of the information required for their use (planning, scheduling and execution reports).

Topology Manager is the graphical interface module used to manage the data describing the information system's physical and logical architecture. The site, machine, and data server descriptions will enable Oracle Data Integrator to execute the same interfaces in different environments.

Designer is a tool used to design data integrity checks and to build transformations. In particular, it incorporates functions for:

  • Automatic reverse-engineering of existing applications or databases
  • Graphical development and maintenance of transformation and integration interfaces
  • Visualization of data flows in the interfaces
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Customization of the generated code

Security Manager is the tool for managing users and permissions in Oracle Data Integrator.

Operator is the production management and monitoring module. It is designed for IT production operators.

The agent is used to execute the inter-application interfaces developed with Designer. It integrates the Scheduler to execute the interfaces according to a predefined schedule.

Metadata Navigator is a thin client, browser based interface to access the Oracle Data Integrator Repository, browse, search and analyze all its contents, and perform advanced data lineage tracing, cross referencing, impact analysis, etc. You may even use this tool to manage all of your production processes.


See ODI - (Agent|Server)

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