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The Repository is a comprehensive, open and shared metadata repository. It stores the metadata for the accessed applications involved in the transformation and integration processing, the developed project versions and all of the information required for their use (planning, scheduling and execution reports).

Two kinds of repository exist:

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ODI - Component Details

Oracle Data Integrator is made up of the components described below: The modular Repository, made up of a Master Repository and of one or several Work Repositories. These repositories can be installed...
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ODI - Metadata Navigator

Metadata Navigator is a thin client, browser based interface to access the Oracle Data Integrator Repository, browse, search and analyze all its contents, and perform advanced data lineage tracing, cross...
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ODI - Scenarios

A scenario is the partially-generated code (SQL, shell, etc) for the objects (interfaces, procedures, etc.) contained in a package. Once generated, the scenario is stored inside the Work repository. The...
Odiee Architecture
ODI - Technical Architecture

Oracle Data Integrator is built around a modular repository architecture and accessed in client/server or thin client mode by components that are developed entirely in Java: the graphical interface...
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ODI - Work Repository

Data structure containing information on data models, projects, and their use. This repository is stored on a relational database accessible in client/server mode from the different Oracle Data Integrator...

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