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Oracle Data Integrator uses knowledge modules to define methods related to a given technology. Knowledge Modules are scripted modules that contain database and application-specific patterns. These modules enable processes generation for the technology, dedicated to a precise function.

Default knowledge modules are provided with Oracle Data Integrator, and must be imported in the project before use.


Odi Km Import

All the knowledge modules are stored in one place:

  • For odi:
    • 10: Odi_home\oracledi\impexp
    • 12: ODI_HOME/sdk/xml-reference/
  • For owb:
    • 10: Owb_home/owb/misc/CodeTemplates
  • Select the project into which you want to import the KM
  • Right-click on the project, and select Import > Import Knowledge Module
  • Specify the Import Directory , and select one or more Knowledge Module Files to Import from this directory

The Knowledge Modules are imported into the work repository, and become usable within the project.


The jar files can be added in Topology

Documentation / Reference

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