Oracle Data Integrator (ODI formerly Sunopsis)


Oracle Data Integrator employs a powerful declarative design approach to ETL, which separates the declarative rules from the implementation details. Oracle Data Integrator is also based on a unique Elt architecture which eliminates the need for a standalone ETL server and proprietary engine, and instead leverages the inherent power of the RDBMS engines.

Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements—from:

  • high-volume,
  • high-performance batches,
  • to event-driven,
  • trickle-feed integration processes,
  • to SOA-enabled data services.

Today Oracle includes Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder, formerly an add-on option to Oracle Database, as the two components of ODI-EE.

History and Strategy

Oracle purchased Sunopsis in October 2006 and re-branded it as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). ODI’s mission is to enhance the Oracle Fusion Middleware offerings, which require broad support to heterogeneous sources and targets.

Oracle Warehouse Builder’s mission continues to be to support the Oracle Database. Today, ODI and Oracle Warehouse Builder are released separately. For the short term, both products will continue to deliver stand-alone releases.

Although released independently, both products are currently being developed with a common goal of integrating with each other and, ultimately, merging into a single product. In the next release, for example, Oracle Warehouse Builder will support the knowledge module framework developed by ODI. And in future releases, both products will share the same user interface framework and will be able to launch each other processes. So, in 2009, Oracle Warehouse Builder and ODI will become further fused together

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