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A scenario is the partially-generated code (SQL, shell, etc) for the objects (interfaces, procedures, etc.) contained in a package.

Once generated, the scenario is stored inside the Work repository. The scenario can be exported then re-imported into another Repository for use in one or more different contexts.

Once generated, the scenario's code is frozen, and all subsequent modifications of the package and/or data models which contributed to its creation will not affect it. If you want to update a scenario - for example because one of its interfaces has been changed - then you must generate a new version of the scenario from the package.

The scenario's properties are displayed in the Scenario window’s Scenario window in the Designer module or via the Operator module. Operation of a scenario takes place from the same window or from an operating system command window. In the Designer module, scenarios are grouped under their respective packages.

Run a Scenario from an OS Command

  • Open an MS-DOS command prompt window or a console in UNIX.
  • In the Oracle Data Integrator installation folder, open the “bin” directory and use the startscen command


startscen ScenarioName ScenarioVersion ScenarioContext Logging Level


startscen MyScenario 001 GLOBAL "-v=2"
  • When the execution is finished, the command prompt should look like this:
E:\Odi\oracledi\bin>startscen MyScenario 001 GLOBAL "-v=2"
A JDK is required to execute Web Services with OracleDI. You are currently using a JRE.
OracleDI: Starting scenario MyScenario 001 in context GLOBAL ...
01/10/2010 01:45:01 PM(main): Creating session for scenario:MyScenario - 001
01/10/2010 01:45:02 PM(main): Session : 8005 is running
01/10/2010 01:45:25 PM(main): Session : 8005 finished with return code : 0
DwgJv.main: Exit. Return code:0

Documentation / Reference

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