ODI - Project


A project is a group of objects developed using Designer and is the first thing to do when you begin to design.


Project Components

The following components are stored below the level of the project in the tree view:

  • Folder

Certain objects in a project are organized into folders and sub-folders.

The package is the largest unit of execution in Oracle Data Integrator. A package is made up of a sequence of steps organized into an execution diagram.

An interface consists of a set of rules that define the loading of a Datastore or a temporary target structure from one or more source Datastores.

A Specific Procedure is a reusable component that groups operations that do not fit in the Interface framework - loading a target datastore from one or more sources.

A variable's value is stored in Oracle Data Integrator. This value may change during the execution.

A sequence is an variable automatically incremented when used. Between two uses the value is persistent. The sequences are usable like variable in interfaces, procedures, steps, … A sequence can also be defined outside a project (global scope), in order to be used in all projects.

  • User Functions

User functions enable to define customized functions or “functions aliases”, for which you will define technology-dependant implementations. They are usable in the interfaces and procedures.

Oracle Data Integrator uses knowledge modules to define methods related to a given technology. These modules enable processes generation for the technology, dedicated to a precise function.

  • Marker

Elements of a project may be flagged in order to reflect the methodology or organization of the developments. Flags are defined using the markers. These markers are organized into groups, and can be applied to most objects in a project.

When a package, interface, procedure or variable component is finished, it is compiled in a scenario. A scenario is the execution unit for production, that can be scheduled.

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